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           His Way of Hope in Bacolod city Philippines- day 5

Day 5

Day 4

Second night of our series

This is where the first of 2 baptisms will take place. The first on November 19th. 

CPAC huge SDA campus church

Pastor Boki is my translator He's ans awesome and dynamic preacher

On the beautiful Campus of Central Philippines Adventist College.  

You'd think I can play... When I get to heaven of course...

Along with some students for Central Philippines Adventist College Music department 

CPAC SDA church must be the largest SDA Church I have ever seen. wow 

A call to surrender. Young and old, people are just tired of this world and its countless troubles. Please pray for those who are surrendering all to JESUS. Crusade continues until November 25th.

Team Members & Advisory  

C.W.Williams- Lay Preacher

Field Coordinator

Alan Robles

The coming of our Lord is just at hand. Are you ready? 

Executive Director & Adviser

Hem Portillas

Adviser & Office Management

Elizabeth Williams

Assistant Director & Communication

Janet Pabalate

Event Coordinator & Communication

Shoshana Williams

ospel Events Ministry Heads to Negros Occidental, Bacolod City, Philippines!

Featuring: Lay- Evangelist- C.W. Williams and His Team

From:    Friday November 4th to Saturday November 19th 2016  

Events:  Nightly free health clinics and lectures from 3PM-6PM

                 Nightly Bible Study from 7PM-9PM